EGE Endustri – 10-inch Aluminium extrusion press




For aluminium extruders who manufacture a varied product mix and small batch sizes, direct extrusion is the preferred solution. Our Short-stroke, 4800 UST front-loader extrusion press is the perfect choice for the job. We manufacture fully forged presses from 550 UST – 14,000 UST with REXROTH hydraulic system, SIEMENS electrical system and PLC – BALLUFF or TEMPOSONIC electronic ruler system.

Included in the price is the 4800 UST Short Stroke Front Loading Press, Triple Head Double Puller System, Auto Flying Hot Saw, 52 Meters Length Initial Exit Table, 52 Meters Length Handling Table System, Finishing Cold Saw & Gauge Table, 300 Tons – 1 Man Type PLC Controlled Stretcher, Ø254mm Gas Type Billet Heater & Hot Log Shear, 10 Chamber Rapid Heating Single-Cell Die Oven, SCADA Controlled Quench Cooling System, Fully Auto Profile Stacker and Basket Stacker System and the Fully Auto Basket Manipulation Line.

Condition : Very good condition
Warranty : New
Marca : EGE+Endustri
Modelo : 4600 UST Short-stroke - front-loader Press
Año : 2023
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Mehmet Fatih Topak

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