EGE Endustri – 7-inch Billet Oven & Hot Log Shear




EGE Endustri billet heaters are direct gas-heated and have PLC-controlled nozzleburners. Thanks to the special arrangement of the burners, the billets areheated quickly with low gas consumption.

 Our billet heaters are equipped with high-quality insulation materials made of ceramic fibre rock wooland have easily replaceable refractory blocks. The oven transfer system, which includes a roller conveyor, is designed to work in conjunction with the billet hotlog shear.

 Of course,taper heating is available on our billet heaters.

Estado : Muy bueno
Uso : Nuevo
Marca : EGE+Endustri
Modelo : Ø178mm Gas Type Billet Heater & Hot Log Shear
Año : 2023
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Mehmet Fatih Topak

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