EGE Endustri – 8-inch Quench Cooling System




Our Scada controlled rapid quench cooling system can be used for profiles extruded in different alloys to apply proper cooling operation during extrusion.

Quenching is a process of cooling the material at a rapid rate to increase its hardness. An important aspect of this process is the uniformity with which the aluminium profiles are cooled, since uneven cooling produces distortions and defects in the material.

The complete installation of the mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic equipment, PLC software and automation will be carried out by teams of Turkish experts under the responsibility of EGE Endustri.

Estado : Muy bueno
Uso : Nuevo
Marca : EGE+Endustri
Modelo : Quench cooling system “Water Spray and Air” controlled by PLC - SCADA
Año : 2023
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Mehmet Fatih Topak

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